Cyber Security Solutions

Pioneers in Cyber & Threat Detection

Proteus8 provides organizations with over 20 years of solid cyber security expertise and threat detection solutions that fit your business. We’ve vetted the top suppliers for each technology, and we understand their strengths and weaknesses in each category to ensure your business and customer data remains safe. 

Proteus8 has a unique position in the unmanned machine learning to assist in cyber threat detection. 

We truly are the Pioneers in this field!

We understand the Artificial Intelligence (AI) landscape, whereas our competitors are still learning. 

Key items to note when it comes to AI:

  • No two networks are alike
  • Legacy security approaches are no longer sufficient
  • Machine learning & AI algorithms are critical to detect never-seen before threats
  • Self-learning continually adapts at faster rates than people
  • Autonomous responses fight back in real-time